East Anglian GT12 Regional race

UPDATED 23 June with Results…
We got through a round of Practice, 3 Heats and 2-leg Finals at the race today. Most people had a good time, apart from a couple of sorry souls who kept breaking and DNFing. Anyway, results are below…

The first race of the East Anglian GT12 Regional race series is at CRCCCC on Sunday June 23rd.

Race format is likely to be one timed practice run, three rounds of qualifying and a final. This will, however, depend on the numbers of drivers attending. Timed practice will be used to determine qualifying heats.

Doors open at 09:30 and we have to clear the pit area well before 15:00.

Book in using the PRE BOOKING button on the top left of the website. You will then be contacted by email for details if you have not raced at CRCCCC before.

Entry fees will be £8 for each meeting in the series.

Tables and chairs will be provided, but please bring a towel to cover the tables. We will lay out power, but please bring your own mains extension cable. Any 12v batteries used to power chargers etc need to be appropriately housed in plastic, leak proof containers.

We do not have handout transponders, so you need a personal transponder

All drivers need to have up to date BRCA membership.
All drivers are expected to pre-book their place at each meeting and provide details of transponder numbers, radio crystals, ability etc. This can be done either through direct contact with each club or through the BRCA booking once this has been set up.
Additives – water based, odourless from the 2012/13 BRCA list (with the exception of CS High Grip that is not allowed). As the BRCA list was recently cleared in prep for 2013 changes, you can use:
Corally TC2 (Jack the Gripper)
LRP Top Traction (Blue Factor)
Nosram Traction Additive ‘Carpet’
Spider Grip Green

Construction Rules – as per the BRCA website with the exception that the Mazda shell will also be permitted.