Club Membership

Club Membership

The club is affiliated to the UK national organisation, the British Radio Car Association.

To be a member of the CRCCCC, you must be a member of the BRCA and show your membership when registering. You can join the BRCA via the BRCA website for £17 for the 2016 year.

One of the benefits of club affiliation to the BRCA is that it covers the club for accidents that may happen at club meetings.

Club Membership fees are used for capital expenditure, such as purchasing equipment and carpet.

What about new people who would like to race at club meetings?

The BRCA insurance covers potential new members for up to 6 weeks (or 3 meetings) without in additional premium. So a new driver can race 3 times without joining the BRCA. After this, they must pay £14 to join the BRCA. Note that the BRCA will process memberships received after the 1st November as running for 14 months (i.e. until Dec 31st of the following year)