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Come and try RC car racing!

We now have 2 “club cars” for newcomers to have a go with to see if they are really interested in RC car racing. One car has a “steerwheel” transmitter, the other a “stick” transmitter. We have recently had several youngsters come along and have a go with the track to themselves between racing heats. If you or your children fancy having a go, then come along to one of the race meetings – dates are on the right of the home page.
What age to start? Well, we have several 8 and 9 year old beginners, and the youngest is 6. There is no upper age limit to getting started.

AGM Sunday 13th

We will hold the CRCCCC Annual General Meeting on Sunday 13th, just prior to club racing starting.

The agenda is the same every year; the current committee report on the previous year’s activities and finances then stand down. A new committee is elected to run the coming year’s racing, book and pay for the hall, organise special events like the GT12 Regional and generally manage the governance of the club in line with theĀ club’s Constitution

Any changes to the Constitution or the racing rules may be proposed and will be voted on at the AGM.

Shop attending July 3rd race

Someone asked me if there will be a spares shop at the race on Sunday – sorry I can’t reply directly as our “contact” form does not grab an email (doh!)
Anyway, there will be a selection from Kev’s RC Spares at the race on Sunday – Schumacher tyres, bodies and spares – if you have a specific request, contact again from the website or use the facebook page

New members welcome!

Our Contact page on the website is not working very well. To answer a question asked by someone using the Contact page, we welcome new members of all abilities. We welcome beginners of all ages. We sort races by ability, so new faces will not get in the way of more experienced racers. I think the youngest racer we have had was aged 7. And we have some oldies too.

AGM on Nov 22nd

We will hold the club AGM before racing on Sunday morning, November 22nd

The agenda will be

  • report on previous year events and finances
  • election of committee
  • vote on any constitution or rule change proposals

Anyone is welcome to be nominated for one of the three committee positions. The current committee (John, Stel and Martin) are prepared to stand again. The committee organise meetings, and oversee the club finances and equipment.

The current constitution and rules can be found on the website by following the RULES menu at the top