AMBrc (now MYLAPS) System

CRCCCC purchased an AMBrc RC2 receiving unit and decoder that connects to the lap-counting computer in Autumn 2002. AMB are now known as MYLAPS

Club members purchase their own ‘personal’ transponder units that attach permanently to their car. Each unit has a unique identification number, which is added to the race control program to identify your car during races. Because it is powered from the receiver, the transponder is active when you switch on your car.


Using transponders has many advantages:

  • Races are timed more accurately and reliably than manually pressing computer keys
  • Because someone is not required to manually count laps, races can run automatically in sequence

Other clubs use the AMBrc system, so you will be able to use it at other races. If you have not got a transponder, please consider buying one. They are available from the AMB/MYLAPS distributor, bbksoftware in Newmarket, and you need a “Harry” type or those made by MRT and available from retailers are compatible.

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